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An example of glitch using ASDF Pixel short program by Kim Assendorf


General tutorials

These are tutorials that cover multiple techniques or serve as good general primers.

Hex / Text Editing

Use text or hex editors to edit the low-level data of a file and break it.

Data-as-Sound Editing

Use audio editors to glitch out images by interpreting them as sound, either putting them back out into images or using them as “music”.

Datamoshing / Video Glitching

Alter or destroy frames of video with a variety of techniques.

3d Glitching

Glitching out 3d models with fascinating results. Typically requires a basic understanding of 3d modeling. (I don’t know a ton about this. Have a suggestion? Let me know!)

Miscellaneous Hackery / Resources


Web Toys

GUI Tools / Applications

  • VoidGlitch – easy-to-use GUI tool that replicates common glitches (need a Dropbox account to download – will provide a mirror soon!) [free]
  • GlitchSort2 – Paul Hertz’s Processing-based glitch tool [free]
  • pixeldrifter – uses an interesting algorithm to “drift” pixels in an image in real time [trial]
  • The Complete List of iOS Glitch Apps [varies]
  • Hex Fiend – hex editor for Mac [free]
  • HexEditor – hex editor for Windows [free]
  • GIMP – cross-platform free image editor [free]
  • Photoshop – you’ve heard of this one, right? [trial]
  • Audacity – open source, free sound editor [Mac/Windows/Linux][free]
  • GoldWave – professional digital audio editor [trial]
  • Cycling ’74 Max – professional data “patching” software used to visually manipulate streams of data [trial]
  • sculptris – introductory 3d modeling software [free]
  • 3DS Max – professional – and expensive – 3d modeling software [trial]
  • Blender – professional – and free – 3d modeling software [free]
  • VirtualDub – video capturing/processing utility for Windows [free]
  • avidemux – cross-platform video editing utility for basic editing and encoding – use version 2.5.6, as newer versions do not glitch properly [free]

Programmatic Tools / SDKs

  • beamp – I made this! interpret any arbitrary file as a bmp image
  • byebyte – I made this! destroy your files’ bytes for fun and glitch
  • ffmpeg – multimedia video encoding / decoding framework often used to achieve glitch effects
  • Processing – popular programming language and development environment for creating visual / generative art
  • SoX – sound processing CLI utility
  • Pure Data / Pd – open source visual programming language
  • openFrameworks – open source C++ toolkit for creative coding
  • vvvv – visual / textual live-programming environment for physical interfaces and real time motion grpahics
  • GlitchTools – publicly available glitch art libraries, tools, and examples on GitHub
  • AviGlitch – Ruby library for datamoshing AVI video
  • William Woodruff’s glitch scripts: image-glitch, images-glitch, image-bork, and accompanying blog post

Glitch Aesthetic History and Articles

Learn more about the origins of glitch aesthetic and its ilk.

Theory / Writings (Glitch and Related Media Art Topics)

Glitch Communities

Textiles + Glitches/Electronics:

Glitch Artists



Glitch Music

Further Reading

  • On Data Visualization –
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein – “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus”, “Lectures and Conversations” and “Zettel”
  • Giorgio Agamben – “Infancy and History”
  • Raymond Williams – “Culture and Materialism” and “The Politics of Modernism”
  • Jean Baudrillard – “The System of Objects”, “Simulacra and Simulation” and “The Conspiracy of Art”
  • Paul Virilio – “Pure War”, “The Politics of the Very Worst”, “Information Bomb” and “Open Sky”
  • Alain Badiou – “Metapolitics”
  • DeLeuze and Guattari – “Anti-Oedipus” and “A Thousand Plateaus”
  • Jean-Francois Lyotard – “The Post-Modern Condition: A Report on Knowledge”
  • Rudy Rucker – “Infinity and the Mind”
  • Jeremy Campbell – “Grammatical Man”
  • John Cage – “Silence”
  • Various contributors, edited by Steven L. Goldman – “Science, Technology, and Social Progress”
  • Various contributors, edited by Stephen H. Cutcliffe, Steven L. Goldman, Manuel Medina, and Jose Sanmartin – “New Worlds, New Technologies, New Issues”
  • Karl Mannheim – “Ideology and Utopia”

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