MEMBAJAK TV | Gallery Salihara Jakarta

photo by : Salihara

MEMBAJAK TV [ andreas siagian, budi prakosa, adhari donora, daniel hiu ] | Gallery Salihara Jakarta 

Television, controlled by political forces and corporate-has been formed and constructing reality, behavioral and cultural identity so that later generations came to interpret it in various ways: to create a range of cultural awareness, question, tease, criticize, to intervene, reflect, and even offer solution.

The emergence of a new generation of makers of this video shows a close link between technological advances in television culture media with Indonesia through three main things: technological developments, relations with the political history of the development of information television video art, and the emergence of the generation of video works that are under 30 years-a a generation of “care” television culture. The cultural position of the movie-makers acted contrary to community groups who interpret television technology solely as consumption, entertainment, or lifestyle.

As the survey and mapping of the works video, Video Art Exhibition hopes to provide bid data, information, and inspiration for the public about strategies to coexist with a healthy television media technologies, as well as understand the chain with the eyes of political power and corporate / market.


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