8-bit Mixtape 0.9 workshop di WSK, The Festival of the Recently Possible, Filipina


8bit mixtape 0.9 workshop

In November 2014 we make an electronic workshop that teaches participants the fundamentals of electronics with 8-bit synthesizer build their own mixtape. This workshop uses a simple microcontroller module developed by Anyma. This workshop was organized in cooperation with WSKfestival2014, Manilla, Philippines.

WSKfestival2014 Manila Filipina-14.jpg

 8bit mixtape 0.9 in Manila

8-bit Mixtape start of session play of Budi Prakosa, Andreas Siagian and Marc Dusseiller explore the possibility of using BabyGnusbuino, simple microcontroller developed by Anyma. The idea is to create an affordable chip programmable synthesizer of fun and can be used by anyone to play music. 8-Bit Mixtape using mathematical expressions into a single line of programming code that generates algorithmic symphony. A different patern in both audio and visual generated from mathematical expressions used. Sakarias Lehtomäen (FI), known as algorithmic Viznut posted on the symphony of lines of code and soon many people even without any scientific background to come with their formula and sharing over the internet. 8-Bit Mixtape took some tracks resulting from this formula and increase it by giving some variables that can be controlled by the user


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