One of video that i made for Lifepatch installation; Mbanyu Mili, showed in Jakarta Biennale 2015. Lifepatch working with the Society of Citizens Stren Kali Surabaya. This community initiative is an organization of residents who live in Wonokromo, Surabaya. There are so many problems in the region, for example, prostitution, interference of political parties in the policy of citizens, limited infrastructure (electricity and water), the legality of settlements and evictions. Of the many problems that exist, taking into account the limited time to work with them, Lifepatch choose to work with residents on issues of clean water sources. This problem is seen quite ironic considering Bratang Tangkis taps are located right next to the residential area (only separated by a wall with a length). However, the residents did not get clean water from taps. This makes their use river water (allegedly) in Surabaya polluted industrial waste, particularly waste paper industry. The allegations caused by buliran paper that rise to the surface of the water after residents collect water from rivers and handling “water cleansing” taste (using alum).

    Recognizing the complexity of water handling, Lifepatch also collaborate with local communities and scientists based in Surabaya. Collaboration does is the investigation of water quality of the river and creating a physical prototype filtration for water purification. The result of this collaboration distributed to people in the form of filtration that has been so even in the form of workshops for residents for the manufacture and maintenance of the filtration. Another activity is the Moringa tree planting with the residents. Moringa tree itself serves to purify water biologically. Of course, the result of new plantings can be seen in the future.

    Lifepatch work with residents Stren Kali, communities, and local scientists were then embodied in the form of an installation in the Main Exhibition Jakarta Biennale 2015. This installation displays that are contradicted by the reality of life in the settlement Stren Kali Surabaya. It is the hope of citizens who want clean water for their daily life are the inspiration for this work. The main symbols are raised is a Moringa tree. Besides being used in the project, this tree also became a symbol of protector of citizens and biological water purifier. There is also a swing that symbolizes activity and regeneration of local people. In addition, a pool of dirty water and pond water, filtration created Lifepatch, and green grass so the symbol of the land needs for the life of residents in the settlement. Documentation of the project in Stren time will also be shown in the form of images and video in the work of this installation.

More information about Mbanyu Mili is here



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