Jogja River Project 2016

MARET 2016

Jogja River Project 2016 is a continuation of Jogja River Project and part of BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD.

Activities that related to Jogja River Project 2016 includes several major activities:

  • workshops for the development of citizens who are located in the river.
  • Research activities to document and take samples of water samples in the Code River.
  • Accurate analysis in accordance with the standard procedures of science research on E. coli contamination in Sungai Code
  • Development of information systems on mapping the distribution point pollution and visual documentation of Code River
  • Collaborative exploration in the field of software and hardware that can be useful for research JRP

On this event, I took some of  footage video with Juliana Rodriguez and Nova Rachmad Basuki.

Here are some photos that i took on the river with Wawies Wisnu, TB Budiarto, Juliana Ramirez and Nova Rachmad Basuki :

TB Budiarto sedang melakukan pengukuran PH

TB Budiarto checking Ph water River Code  

TB Budiarto, Wawies dan Nova Rachmad Basuki di Sungai Code

Wawis Wisnu, TB Budiarto and Nova Rachmad Basuki on the River Code, Jogjakarta

Wawies dan Juli melakukan pendokumentasian sungai Code

Juliana Rodriguez taking video, while Wawies Wisnu taking 360 photos


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