Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu Fanzine

“Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu” is a series of events activity interdisciplinary collaboration, both among communities and between individuals as an exploration of the definition of utopia in a collaborative framework. In this event, Lifepatch invite some creative community who work in the arts, and social sciences to conduct joint activities. The event is part of the Minga, Exploring Utopia, an exploration “utopia” in the context of each – each carried out by 21 partners Arts Collaboratory. Especially for Lifepatch, a series of events was organized to try to identify forms of cultural collaboration that took place in the practice of the creative community in Indonesia in general.

I try to make a fanzine design based on A3 paper. This Fanzine is the result of MBMB project that based on research by Fiky Daulay from Kunci Cultural Studies Center that can be download from this link : click here

fanzine mbmb

The Fanzine of MBMB



one of the example design MBMB fanzine


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