Swiss Mechatronic Art Society microNOISE nauJUBILEE X FX KEDELAY GMO (Generated Modified Output) Waft – Lab Workshops at lifepatch

Celebrating  Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SGMK) 10th birthdays, Lifepatch organized a special workshop Micronoise – nauJubilee. This workshop invites participants to assemble a kit called Micronoise, a small electronic synthesizer developed by SGMK as a workshop module. Micronoise very often used by SGMK in introducing electronic practice Do- it-Yourself to the workshop participants. For the celebration of the 10th anniversary, SGMK designed a limited edition Micronoise – Jubilee to the workshop participants. Some modules of Micronoise – Jubilee sent to Lifepatch to the workshop of a series of events related to birthday celebrations in 2016 SGMK.

Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 7.31.46 PM640px-Micronoise_-_Jubilee,_Handsout1280px-Lokakarya_Micronoise_nauJubilee_01

A waft-Lab Surabaya workshop  in Lifepatch Yogyakarta in order to celebrate the national Maritime on August 21, 2015. This workshop invites the participants to assemble Do- it-Yourself homemade sound effects. The sound effects that will be assembled is the sound effect delay (delay fx) which can be used for the modulation source of the sound or musical instruments such as guitar, bass, synthesizer, etc.. Participants will be invited to learn the basics – basic electronics by assembling a workshop module designed by the waft-Lab.

Securities circuit Kedelay GMO (Generated Modulation Output) is built using the main component IC PT2399. PT2399 is an IC designed specifically for generating variable echo effect that is commonly used as guitar effects, home theater and other electronics work cubits. Participants will be invited to assemble circuits that effect has been simplified into a pocket-sized.


Here’s the video documentation of me playing those super cool diy synth and FX :


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